Recordal of Assignment

Minimum-required Contents of an Assignment Agreement
1.    The identity of the Assignor and Assignee;
2.    Details of the IP objects to be assigned;
3.    Price of the assignment and mode of payment;
4.    Rights and obligations of each party;
5.    Conditions for amendment, termination and invalidation of the Agreement;
6.    Method for settlement of disputes;
7.    Date and place of signing;
8.    Signatures of the authorized representatives of each party.

Documents Required for Recordal of an Assignment Agreement
1.     Two (2) originals or two (2) certified copies of the signed Assignment Agreement;
2.    Original Patent(s) of Invention/Utility Solution/Industrial Design or original Certificate(s) of Registration of Trademark;
3.    A notarized copy of Business Licence/Investment Licence if the Assignee is a Vietnamese entity;
4.    A signed Power of Attorney from the Assignee or Assignor.


  • The Assignment Agreement must be recorded with the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) to be legally effective and enforceable in Vietnam.
  • The request for recordal of the Assignment Agreement should be submitted within 60 days from the signing date.
  • If the Agreement is executed in English only, the Vietnamese translation of the Agreement is required. The Vietnamese translation must be certified by a Notary Public in Vietnam. Vision & Associates can provide translation service.
  • A standard form of Assignment Agreement containing minimum-required provisions will be provided upon request.