Product Quality Registration/ Declaration
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Asia Pacific Legal 500 2004/2005

Catching up Vietnamese society’s increasing concerns related to medicine and healthcare accompanying with the country’s progress steps in improving life conditions for population, appropriate attention given to issues quite neglected before such as pollution, environmental hygiene and protection, health safety and security, as well as growth of medical dispenses in both public and private sectors. Besides, like wherever in the world, Vietnamese’s demand for the beauty always exists and more and more exigent. While such domestic industries are developing and not yet fully meet these demands. That made Vietnam becoming a prospective emerging market in the view of regional and international pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers and attracting their entry. Therefore, at request of clients, in recent years, we created a team separately dedicated for providing services related to Product Quality Registration/ Declaration of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical products, and foods.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced lawyers, pharmacists and chemists to be able to use their professional expertise and skills in favour of clients.

Our Services

Actually, this team’s services cover all issues that a client who operate in the captioned fields may need, ranging from legal and pratical advices; implementation of procedures for import, registration, declaration and advertisement; obtaining relevant licenses and permits; and drafting and reviewing dossiers and other necessary documents. The quality of works by our team is confirmed by the presence of more and more well-known world-wide players in these fields in the client database.

Our Clients

Our clients in this area include almost all well-known world-wide players in the sector.