Business Idea & Finalization
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Asialaw Profiles 2016/2017

“Vision & Associates is strong independent Vietnamese firm that sits at the top of the legal market. It has worked on large transport, energy and telecommunication project developments.”

International Finance Law Review 1000 2016/2017

Being one of the safest and most attractive destinations for foreign direct investment and business in the Southeast Asia in recent years, Vietnam is committing to open the market, which provide foreign investors and businessmen with great opportunities of investment and business in the country. With 20 years of experience in the field of foreign direct investment, the Firm and its partners are strongly confident in providing clients with advices and support in any phases of the full process of foreign direct investment and doing business in Vietnam.

Our Team
Together with our legal team, we have a team of lawyers and business consultants with not only legal background but also business mind and strong ties to the field, evidencing by a large number of clients having their foreign direct investment and business doing in Vietnam. We have come face to face with a series of the legal and business issues that confront clients during the process of their investment in Vietnam, and based on those advise clients on how to overcome.

Our Services
Together with our legal team and prior to having our advices and assistance to clients for realization of their business ideas, we offer clients a wide range of pre-investment services which enable them to better understand the legal, investment and business environment in Vietnam, identify the most suitable investment and business sector and areas that they should do their investment and business, and together with them to develop and finalize the investment and business ideas for the best realization of them in the context of Vietnam.

Together with our legal team, our services in this area cover:

  •     Business idea identification;
  •     Market/ sectoral surveys & updates;
  •     Partner identification, due diligence & match making;
  •     Location identification and due diligence:
  •     Feasibility studies and investment/ business idea finalization.

Our Clients
Our clients in this area include the corporate clients such as Arcelor-Mittal, AVK, Cargill, CPI, Samsung Electronics, Ariston, etc. and donor organizations such as DANIDA-PSD, GTZ, etc. (for the benefits of their corporate members).